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Flake Ice Machine

This 5000kg per day air cooled type ice machine from OMT ICE is currently on sale. The condenser may be updated to a stainless steel type, making it ideal for areas with high moisture levels.

5000kG Flake Ice Machine Air Cooled Type

OMT ICE offers high quality flake ice machine, both water cooled type or air cooled type, this 5000kg per day air cooled type ice machine is hot sale , the condenser can update to stainless steel type, good for the high moisture area. 

3000kg Flake Ice Machine for vessel

omt ice offers high quality flake ice machines for sale, both seawater and fresh water type

500kg Sinlge Phase Flake Ice Machine

OMT 500kg flake ice machine is compact design, good for small shop, with ice bin for option, range from 200kg to 1200kg bin available, we have in stock machine and ready to ship. 

5000kG Flake Ice Machine Water Cooled Type

we are offering a 5ton water cooled machine in stock

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